Meet the Executive Team


Ariel Wheway


Ariel is a 4th year student in the joint Juris Doctor and Master of Arts program with the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs and is specializing in International Law. This is her second year as President of ILSA, and fourth year being on the executive committee. She has a variety of experiences within international law, including a research assistantship on business and human rights, pro bono work with Amnesty International, directed research and a fellowship with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, and interning at Global Affairs Canada in the UN, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law division. She is excited to be back for another year with ILSA and looks forward to the year ahead!


Ashley Geerts

ILSA Bio Photo 1

Ashley is a fourth-year student in the JD/MA program at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. She has an undergraduate degree in conflict studies and human rights, and her master’s degree is specializing in conflict analysis and conflict resolution. Her studies have fostered a strong interest in public international law, with a focus on international humanitarian law and international criminal law. Last year, Ashley followed these interests to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where she worked as a legal intern in the Office of the Co-Prosecutors at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. When she isn’t studying, Ashley enjoys cooking, hiking, and exploring new places. Ashley is excited to share her passion for international law with others as ILSA’s Vice President for the 2018-19 academic year.

 Communications Coordinator

 Tino Perruzza

Tino Machino

Tino is a third-year student in the English Common Law program at the University of Ottawa. Prior to law school, he completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto, where he immersed himself in the study of political science. In doing so, he not only became fascinated with the laws of Canada and other countries, but also the ways in which these laws interact and sometimes conflict. These interests have continued to fuel his desire to learn about international law and its various complexities as a law student.

At the same time, Tino’s interests in different cultures has been influential in developing his interest in international law. He credits his first-year Dispute Resolution and Professional Responsibility course with illustrating the ways in which different cultural backgrounds can impact an individual’s perception of the law and its objectives. Tino has been a part of ILSA for all three of his years in law school, and in his final year, has also taken on positions as Co-Chair for the Employment and Labour Law Student Society (ELLSS) and VP Internal for the Italian Law Student’s Organization (ILSO). When he has time to himself, he enjoys watching sports, listening to music, and cooking.

Social Coordinator

Emily Sheard


Emily is a third year student in the English Common Law program. She has a keen interest in pursuing a career in international law, particularly in International Criminal Justice. Through ILSA, Emily learned of various opportunities to study abroad, and spent a month this past summer studying law at the Vrije Univesiteit in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Emily is looking forward to planning events for ILSA’s busy social calendar this year to provide students with more exposure to international law and opportunities for them to build a network of peers in the field.


Spencer Malthouse



Spencer is a 3L in the English Common Law Program and is completing the International Law Option. Originally from rural Vancouver Island, Spencer has lived in many Canadian cities, including Montreal, Toronto, and now Ottawa. Spencer loves being involved in the law school community. Last year, Spencer was the VP Finance of the CLSS and also worked in the Career and Professional Development Centre. Also passionate about international law, Spencer spent his Summer in the Trade Law Bureau at Global Affairs Canada and this year is competing in the Oxford International IP Moot. If you have questions about international law (particularly international trade), careers in law, or the law school community in general, please message him! Spencer is not currently available for unlicensed download.

2L Representative

Colby Georgsen

VKL_7296 (1)

Colby is a second-year student in the English Common Law program at the University of Ottawa and a second-year member of the ILSA executive team. He also serves as an editor and author for the faculty’s student newspaper, Inter Alia, where he contributes articles on the topics of human rights and international law. Colby is a graduate of the Political Science program at the University of Calgary and has international experience working and studying in the United States, France, and Rwanda.

3L Representative

Syed Fahd Ahmed


Fahd is a third year student in the English Common Law Program at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. His interests are in international shipping law and administrative law. In 2019, Fahd will be interning at the Canadian Transportation Agency. Prior to law school, Fahd completed a Masters in Political Science at the University of Toronto’s Department of Political Science, where he focused on development, insurgency/civil war, post-colonial institutions. He enjoys playing basketball on his free time, and is an avid fan of science fiction and historical fiction cinema.

Upper Year French Representative

Meryam Miftah-Idriss


Meryam Miftah-Idrissi is currently undergoing her second year of the French Common Law program. Prior to law school, she completed a master’s degree in Political Sciences in Barcelona, specialized in Immigration Management. Her interests are in international immigration law and international humanitarian law.

NPSIA Liaison

Akkila Thirukesan


Akkila Thirukesan completed her first year of law school and is currently at NPSIA in the joint JD/MA program. Akkila’s passion for international law comes from her experiences in her undergraduate degree from Carleton, competing across North America as a Model UN debater. Currently, Akkila is conducting research on the intersection of intellectual property and international development, and has also developed a passion for criminal law through her summer internship in Los Angeles with the Public Defenders Office. Akkila hopes to continue exploring the interplay between international law and domestic implementation.

French 1L Representative

Omra Masstan

Omra Masstan

Omra is currently a first year student in the French Common Law/MA at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University program. Prior to law school, she graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor’s in Conflict Studies and Human Rights with a minor in civil law. Omra’s interests are focused on national security issues, more specifically Canada’s response to the return of Canadian foreign fighters. Omra is also interested in immigration and refugee issues on an international scale as well as domestic.

In her spare time, Omra loves to watch and play soccer (Hala Madrid!). She is also fluently trilingual in French, English and Persian, and currently working on becoming fluent in Spanish.

English 1L Representative

Ryan Pistorius


Ryan is a first-year law student enrolled in the Canadian-American Dual JD program at the University of Ottawa. Born in Winnipeg to South African immigrants, Ryan grew up looking across borders, and has long been interested in international law and global affairs more broadly. Indeed, the highlight of his Bachelor’s program – in Classical Studies at Queen’s University – was his participation in an archaeological excavation in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), in large part because of the exposure it gave him to new cultures, languages, and beliefs. Ryan is a former world champion in public speaking and debating, and is currently working as an Assistant Editor at the Ottawa Law Review and as a host at The Law School Show. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, photography, and orchestral percussion.

English 1L Representative

Atanas Dimitrov


Atanas Dimitrov is currently in his 1L year at the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. He is enrolled in the Dual JD/MA program with the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science with a concentration in international relations. He is very interested in the interplay between politics and law in the international field and is working towards a career in the international public sector. In the very little spare time he gets in his first year of law school, he likes to be with his family and walk out in the beautiful Ottawa/Gatineau parks and forests. He also plays the Bulgarian bagpipe, which he finds to be the best substitute for wanting to shout out loud when that Laskin majority decision makes no sense, even on his 15th reading.


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